About Bau


The mission of the BAU Institute is to support artists, writers, and other creative professionals by providing uninterrupted time and space for the creation of new work in settings of cultural interest and natural beauty.

Short History

The BAU Institute’s residencies and programs have provided for up to 300 artists and students to create new work. BAU Institute was founded in 2004 and it became a non- profit, 501(3)C in 2012. Professor Paola Iacucci founded BAU Institute as an architecture school in 2002 that later became an arts residency in 2004 when painter, Marthe Keller became co-founder. The original vision of international engagement in Building, Arts and Urbanism continues in forums, exhibitions and residencies in Italy, France and New York. The Summer Residency for Arts and Culture in Otranto, Italy provides visual, literary and other creative artists, the time and the space to create new work. One month or two week periods are offered in June. In 2014 BAU Institute launched a new arts residency hosted by the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, France. The BAU at Camargo Summer Arts Residency provides BAU Institute funded Fellowships for the realization of projects in the arts. There is no cost to attend.